The past 4 years I have struggled with severe health issue that included low energy, constipation, low libido, brain fog, severe mood swings, earache, dizziness, loss of balance, hairloss, weight fluctuation and then an under active thyroid. I had seen various specialist which lead me to take synthetic medication which worsened all of my conditions. I was at an all time low and felt there was very little help for any of my symptoms, quite a worrying thought when dealing with all of the above. After meeting Emine, having a blood test and discussing all of my health issues in depth, Emine came up with a holistic approach that has benefited me far beyond anyone that has dealt with my symptoms. 8 weeks on and I'm feeling full of energy and the happiest I've felt in the last 4 years. Nearly all of the above health issues have all subsided and I've lost 2.5kilos (bonus!) This journey has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to my future of feeling energised, healthy and most importantly very happy again! Emine I cannot thank you enough and I highly recommend your services!


I have been a patient of Emine Başak since she founded her company. She has helped alleviate a hay fever I had had for a decade, managed some issues with my thyroid successfully, and later, helped me go through menopause with minimal symptoms, as I worked full time and traveled for my job. I see her regularly, I don't see her as a nutritionist, she is a great partner to any health issue or wellbeing matter I am thinking through, and someone I see in addition to any doctor I am seeing on any health matter. I love the rigour she applies to my blood tests that my (private) doctor won't spend much time on, I learn a lot about my wellbeing from her, and cannot imagine thinking through anything about my health without her. I strongly recommend her.


I have trusted Emine Basak with my health and wellness for more than 5? Xx years now and I feel very grateful for her knowledge and support. She is efficient, professional, and has a holistic approach to nutrition, helping me from biological to psychological states of my mind and body. I have seen great improvements in my overall wellbeing when I follow her advice.


When I started consultations with Emine a few years ago, she suggested to eliminate a number of food items from my diet that at the time were essentials to me. I thought “no way” But Emine has a way of working with you to help you move through the process. 6 months later my chronic back pain was gone along with a 12 pounds. Her awareness in health is contagious. I cannot thank Emine enough and I highly recommend her consultations.


Emine Başak’s holistic approach has helped restore my “mind-body-spirit” balance that was set off track after a major car accident. Working like a true detective, she has raised awareness for my everlasting health issues by drawing out the related cause and effect relations that otherwise seemed unrelated or disconnected. Her passion and respect for her work is reflected in her enduring comprehensive research and always up-to-date methodology. She takes on her patients’ issues as if her own and checks in regularly to ensure their overall wellbeing. I cannot thank her enough for my improved health, resilience and life quality.